Donate towards a sleep kit


Every night, over 116,000
Australians are without
a safe and secure place
to sleep

Together, we’re raised over $2,205,003 –– for over 146,799 sleep kits –– supporting 643 local community organisations

What is SleepSafe?

Here at SleepSafe, we believe that housing is a basic human right — all Australians deserve a safe place to sleep.

It’s why Sheridan and StreetSmart founded SleepSafe, a non-profit initiative. It raises much-needed funds to help support people who don’t have a safe and secure place to call home.

SleepSafe supports grassroots, community-based organisations by providing localised grants to shelters and vulnerable support services. Raising funds for local emergency accommodation services and bedding
products is integral to ensuring that all Australians have a safe place to sleep.

In partnership with our suppliers, we’ve produced sleep kits, each containing one towel, a flat and fitted sheet and a single pillowcase — simple comforts of home.

“Often families come to SHAC with very little, and these packs help make the first night a little brighter! We are overwhelmed with the generosity of StreetSmart and Sheridan Australia for providing brand new sheets and towels for a clean, cosy and safe night’s sleep going to families doing it tough across the Cairns region.”

– Shelter Housing Action Cairns, (QLD)

* Final sleep kits may differ in appearance

What is a sleep kit?

With every $15 raised, a complete sleep kit will be provided to someone in need. Each sleep kit contains one towel and one sheet set — a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and pillowcase.

Sleep kits are manufactured in partnership with Sheridan suppliers. StreetSmart works closely with refuges and shelters, ensuring kits are distributed where they’re needed most. Not only does this provide financial relief, it also allows for funding and donations to be diverted to other areas of need.