At Sheridan, we understand the importance of a quality quilt for a comfortable night’s sleep. With quality and comfort at the forefront, we’ve designed a range of wool, down and cotton quilts with various fills to suit every kind of sleeper. Whether your preference is light or heavy, natural or synthetic; you’ll find the perfect quilt in our outlet range.

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Everyday and all season quilts

Stay comfortable and cool throughout all seasons with the range of Everyday and All Seasons quilts. Crafted with antibacterial wool or a polyester fill and encased in a 100% cotton cover; these quilts offer medium warmth and weight for year-round comfort. Our Australian wool quilts help to maintain the ideal temperature to keep you comfortable in every season.

Natural Fibre Quilts

For colder climates, we’ve crafted a collection of quilts constructed with deluxe natural fibres including feather and down, wool and cotton. Natural fibres wick moisture away from the skin and ensure the ideal body temperature is maintained all night. Duck feather and down quilts are the natural choice for luxury bedding, creating warmth without the weight. For medium to heavy weight warmth, our premium polyester quilts are the ideal bedding accessory.

Sheridan quilts include built-in anti-microbial treatments for allergy sufferers, and the easy care, natural cotton casing promotes breathability and freshness.

Sleep is incredibly important and can be the difference between a productive day or struggling to get out of bed. Choose from a wide range of exclusive quilts that will keep you comfortable throughout every season. With warm, heavier weighted options for winter and lighter choices for summer nights; you’re sure to find the ultimate quilt that’s perfectly suited to you. Coordinate your bedding accessories and find the ideal quilt and pillow pair for your sleeping style.

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