Ethical Fashion Report

At Sheridan, we are embracing the opportunity to constantly create and evolve our sustainability practises. We are continually searching for ways to end worker exploitation and set the standard for ethical practices in the homewares industry. During this process, we have actively improved all five focus areas in our ethical sourcing and environmental programmes.

In 2019, Sheridan and the other brands within the Hanes Australasia Group, were recognised for an outstanding commitment to putting the planet and people first. We have achieved an A grade in the latest Ethical Fashion Report by Baptist World Aid Australia. This is an improvement on last year’s score of A-.

Our improved score is a credit to our efforts in improving policy and governance, emission reduction, water usage, material product waste, tighter chemical standards and forward momentum on a more sustainable end product.

We’ve come a long way, but we know there is still a way for us to go. We will continue to strive to be a leader in ethical sourcing and seek ways to improve our sustainability practises.

The detailed report can be accessed via

Read more about our sustainability initiatives here

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